3 Levels of Automation

Adapted to the complexity of your work

Micro Tasks

A simple action triggers another.

example: Every time an email from accounting@client.bm arrives, save the attachment to the company dropbox and rename it with today's date. .

Auto Tasks

A single software task online or offline.

example: On Mondays, open somesite.com, fetch the latest quote, and add it with the date to our master google spreadsheet. .

Full Auto

Automate a complex multi-step process.

example: Every week, compile data from 2 sites and one excel sheet, do some calculations, and produce a PDF document with a quote. .

Micro Tasks

Apple, Google, Outlook, twitter, etc don't always talk to each other. Micro-tasks make sure they do.

Arrive to your office
Track working hours
Track your working hours in google calendar.
As soon as you step inside a location (office, co-working space, etc), google calendar counts the time spent there.
Stripe Refund
Get an email
Never miss a stripe refund.
Make sure you have timely communication with your customers and payment providers.
Get email
Save attachment
Automatically save the attachments of a specific email to specific folders in google drive / dropbox / onedrive

Auto Tasks

Automate tasks where the internet and your software need to interact.

Every Monday
Re-calculate the rates
Our bots can navigate any site for you.
Once there they can download or copy the latest data and update your prices / quotes / online-spreadsheet.
Scan Forms
Translate to spreadsheet
Scan a form and drop it to a folder.
Our algorithms will read it and convert multiple choice or free text[1] into a convenient spreadsheet.
Social Media
Save mention
Every time your company gets mentioned (or twitter / facebook / emoo)
save the comments to a document and send email notification.
Stay in charge of your brand!
1 The accuracy of hand writting recognition varies depending on context, hand writing and text.

Full auto

More complex processes? No problem.
If it is a repetitive task and you can describe the steps, we can probably automate it. For example,

On the first Tuesday of the month, go to somesite.com, login with user and password & navigate to the reports section. Once there find the latest PDF report and find the total amount due. Create an invoice for all the companies on list X with the amount from the report & mail it to them (by email and paper).

contact us for more details.

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